Thursday, December 09, 2004

Gurlz Day Outz!

Today had an appointment with the gurlz for lunch...At our usual makan place, Sakura Capitol Building... Too bad Kak Sun & Mal (Ros) cudn't join us the last min... So left with me, kissy, Bunnyz, Klopez, nymph & shanah... Had our lunch and toking2 at the same time..

Kissy, Klopez & Bunnyz took half day off except for nymph had to go back to her office after lunch... So the 5 of us went over to Arab St after tat.. Bunnyz needs to do some shopping there so all of us tagged her! hehe.. We saw tis beautiiiiifulllll lace @ Royal Fabric!! We so the lurving it!! Iskkk.... Too bad all came with a hole in our pocket so we have to just admire the piece! hehe.. Lain kali jer lah eh...

Cantik kan?????????

shanah made her move first as she had to meet her frens... We then off to Banquet Raffles Hospital to quench our thirst... After rested for few mins, we made our way to Bugis.. I took my leave first as I need to meet my sis at Bedok Interchange.. So left with kissy, Klopez & Bunnyz to wander around Bugis Junction.. :)

Reached Bedok at 4.45pm... Accompanied my sis to cut her hair at Bedok Central den off we went back to my parents' place.. By then I was sooo tired! My kaki soo penat liao! hehe.. Rested on bed for awhile before hubbie came.... Had our dinner while watching Double Happiness...

Went back from Bedok around 8.30pm as hubbie wanted to go doctor @ Ubi.. He's having a bad coff and I tink he's gonna have a fever soon! Luckily the doctor still open... He was given a few medicine but hubbie rejected MC for tomoro cos he told the doc tat it's gonna be the end of the yr and he doesn't want any mc..wahhh baik seh!! hehee... Anyway the doc said if he still not feeling well tomoro, just come and see him again...

I itnk I better stop here....My left leg so sakit one... Need to apply oitment so tat I wont kene the simpul biawak again tonite!! Once is enuff lah!! sakit beb!! hehe..

Dunt forget to tune to Suria tomoro for Ikhlas Show!! Taufik is performing!!!! Weeeee!!! till then! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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