Monday, December 06, 2004

FLU-ish BurfDay!

Happy Besday to Me!! Happy Besday to Me! Happy Besday to myself! Happy Besday to Me!!
hehe..Nyanyi utk diri sendiri!! ;) Anyway thanks to you guys who wished me via the tagboard, email and sms... Thanks a lot guys!! I turn 28 today... So tuek oredy!! uwahh!! 2 more years to tiga posen liao!!! *sob*sob*

Sadly today I was down with a bad flu!! Of all days, tis Mr Flu has to come and "wished" me today!! Arghhh!! The whole day I was stuck with a box of tissue and I tink I need another box as it's running low!!! Dah lah idong ku kembang due to pregnancy..nie makin kembang lah nampaknya disebabkan Mr Flu nie!! iskkkkkkkkk!!!

So both me & hubbie have to abort our plan to dine outside today!! Uwahhhhhhh!!! I took the flu tablet at 3 plus and knocked out till 5.30pm..Was shocked as hubbie was supposed to fetch me around 6.15pm but due to my flu and my whole body seems so weak, I called hubbie to cancel the plan... tsk tsk tsk!! We have to postpone the celebration till next week...It's okay!! cos next Monday will be our 2nd year Wedding Anniversary... So it will be a double celebration.. Hopefully I'm well enuff to celebrate tat day! hehe..

So hubbie came home with Mutton Chop (I had dis sudden crave for it juz now).... Watched Double Happiness while eating our dinner... Then when I came into my room, hubbie followed me and surprised me with a gift!! (ada ker dia selitkan gift tu kat bawah bantal) ekkeekekekke...
I was soooo happy to see the gift!! It is a White Gold Earring which I had longed wanted one! Tenkiuuu so much dear!!! I love the gift and I love you so much!! (oops! pardon me being so mushy here..Kasi lah chance beb!! ekekekek)

Kay now I'm gonna rest on my bed... Will need to take another flu tablet later...Oops left 1 tablet only...I tink by tomoro if my flu still yet to subside, I have to go and see Mr Doctor... Better stop here lah!! Ehh wait!! Now it's abt Taufik!! Yeah! Taufik! He won the Spore Idol title by a large margin yah!! 62% votes for him and Sly got only 38%... Congrats Taufik!!! Yeahoooo!!

Byee guys!!!!

Here presenting the gift from my beloved hubbie....

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