Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!!

Wow! In few hrs time we gonna say goodbye to 2004 and Welcome 2005!! Isn't it fast for 12 mths to past just like tat?? Hmm... I just feel tat we are still in early 2004... How time flies!! I hope we, as an individual, had made a mark or at least achieved something tat we have yearned for tis 2004...

Let me recapped what have I done for tis 2004..


  • Managed to get a job in NTUC Income but only lasted for 2 mths as I'm really not into the frontline service and it was a not so good experience.. Always have to drag myself to werk and hubbie told me to just quit and find another job..
  • Finding job is a hard task tis 2004... Hundreds of resume being sent but not a single interviews or even replys tat I get.. *sigh* .. I'm not applying for a director, CEO, Manager post mind you!! It's just a post tat suits my qualification and I even went as low as GCE "O" Level qualification... But still no interview in hand!!
  • July 04, one of the pkh forummers, cadburry or known as Ida, informed me tat her werking place need a part time for around 2 mths.. I was so happy then as I tot I cud still earn some money despite just sitting at home doing nuthing!! Finally I started a part time job..But sadly it lasted only 2 days as I was tested positive by GP tat I'm 5 weeks preggy and what's more on tat very day, I bled!! Was so kancheong to see the blood! The next day went to the gynae and was told to have lotsa rest and not to move abt so much... So there goes my part time job! takpelah..mungkin takde rezeki...
  • Till now, Dec 04, I still yet to hold any job.. Since I'm pregnant, hubbie asked me to just stay at home and take good care of myself.. Even if I'm gonna apply for jobs, which company wants to take in pregnant lady?? So I have to just stay at home till I deliver and will find a job few mths after tat!


  • 2004, I'm beginning to learn to be a good wife as compared in 2003...
  • I cooked more in 2004, learn many dishes either from SIL, MIL, my own mum and even recipes books! Not forgetting exchanging recipes from the ewah2 gurlz... :)
  • Being a wife, I am grateful and blessed tat finally in 2004, I managed to give hubbie precious gift from my womb itself..yes! Being pregnant after 1 year 6 mths is a greatest gift for the both of us... Overjoyed, rasa bersyukur ke Allah swt..


  • We managed to spend more time with both side of families...
  • As for my side, relationship with my immediate family is goping on strong and even stronger but sadly to say with some dad's siblings, we can see some relationships are getting strained.. *sigh* We used to be a big happy family where all my dad's siblings gathered and have fun but now, it's only a few families tat we can get along with... We tot tat after our grandma gets well after being admitted to hospital will bring all dad's siblings closer but it even made them drifted apart... Some didn't agree with one another and leds to quarel and black face! I just hope 2005 will be a better year for them so tat we cud just get everyone to be united hand in hand again!

2005 resolution

  • To be a better wife and a good mummy once my lil' gurl is born..
  • Give more attention to both hubbie & doter
  • Get hold of a job so tat I can help with the family income as we be having additional family member come March 2005...
  • To be a good daughter to both parents and daughter in law to both PIL...
  • Save more $$ for our lil' gurl and for our future needs
  • list will continue as days passed by! :)

Most important of all, I pray tat I will have a smooth delivery in 2005 and my baby will be healthy always! Insya Allah...

Hope you guys will have a great 2005 ahead and may all yur wishes and dreams will be answered!! Take care my frens!! enjoy yur holiday!!

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