Tuesday, December 21, 2004

99% complete!!

Woke up at 10am today... Was coffing non stop.. But tis time round lotsa phlegm came out... I hope the coff will go away soon! Ate raisin bread for bfast... Mum called telling me tat she's gonna cook lontong kering and botok-botok and will get my sis to send it over to my house.. Selamat lah...tak yah masak hari nie! Dapur tak berasap lagik! yay!!!

Sis came over at 12 plus.... Hubbie told me tat he's gonna come home for lunch... Waited for him to have lunch together... Didn't do much things in the afternoon... Took my medicine and in few mins time, I knocked out... Managed to sleep for 2 hrs... Woke up around 6pm... By the time hubbie gonna be home...

After magrib prayer, we went out to Baby Hyperstore at Kaki Bukit to survey our lil' gurl baby cot... Finally we place an order for the cot tat we wanted... It's 6 in 1 cot... With free 9 pcs of mattress set & a play mat set... Total cost $299... Worth it! :) ... Will be delivered tis Monday.. fast huh!! Then at least by my 8th or 9th mths, I don't have to search for things anymore... ;)

The Oak coloured baby cot

Saw tis Baby Rocker too.. It's not a normal rocker tho'.... I saw it at my cuzzin's hse and I tink it's good to put baby inside and rock it away! (it slides from left to right) It can also be converted to a baby chair/feeding table... It's on sale... $119... Hmmm...was tinking who wants to sponsor for us!! hehe... Nevermind can slow talk my dad one!! *wink* After paying the baby cot and get to bring back the free gifts, we went to Shing Shiong to shop for our groceries... Then of to Bedok Home to send my sis... Went up for awhile.. Showed my dad the baby cot pic tat I've taken using my hp and also the baby rocker... ;) Before i told dad abt my intention, dad had told me tat he will buy tat for my lil gurl....fuh!!!! Tak payah ku cakap!! kekeke... So tomoro we be bringing dad to Baby Hyperstore again to purchase the set!

Baby Rocker

Now the only thing tat we gonna get is the bath basin... Closed to 100% completion for the baby stuff!! Now we can start saving more $$ for year 2005 as we gonna have an extra responsibility by March! Money! Money! Money! :D


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