Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's only Tuesday???!!

Today had nasi lemak for bfast cum lunch... SIL gave us Nasi Lemak the nite before and we decided to keep it for bfast the next day as we were too full.. She bought for us DURIANS!! Actually both me & hubbie are still having coff but we cudn't resist the temptation after seeing the fleshy, juicy & yellowish durians! Big2 some more!! hehe.. So we ate them!!!! Finished off 5 durians!! :) But before I sleep yesterday, I did took my coff mixture... hehe..

Today we have my uncle car for ourselves... During hubbie's lunch time, me, dad & bro met hubbie at Geylang East Area Office to do a temporary transfer of the season parking till my uncle came back from Australia... Then my bro sent me & the car back to Ubi....

After magrib, me & hubbie went over to SIL's place to sent the new CPU over and setup the new PC for them... Reached home only at 10.50pm...

I'm so sleepy rite now... Shall continue tomoro lah.... Byee all!!

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