Friday, December 10, 2004

Open Haus!

Went over to hubbie's ex-kolig's (Faizah) hse @ Compassvale Lane... Walaupon hari raya sudah nak masuk saat yg terakhir, itu tidak menjadi penghalang buat kaum2 Singtel nak beraya kat rumah Faizah! hehe...Faizah made steamboat, nasi goreng, popiah goreng & ayam panggang power! First time seh makan steamboat kat umah org..selalu kat kedai jer!! hehe.. watever it is, very the nicee lah!!!

Managed to catch Ikhlas there and Taufik sooo cute wearing the maroon suit when he sang Belaian Jiwa.. TOO BAD!! I didn't get to catch him sing I DREAM as we were on our way back home... And I heard tat one makcik get to kiss him on stage!! And few teenagers came up to the stage to give him presents and hug!!! auww!!! Best nya!!! Saya sungguh lah jeles!! hahaha... Bila lah dapat jumpa si Taufik ni!! iskk! :) Hope to catch the repeat telecast of Ikhlas provided Suria will be having one!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAUFIK BATISAH!! Hope you will succeed in yur music career and will be recognised in the whole Asia & International!!

Okay gotta now!!! Have a great weekend guys!!!

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