Monday, December 13, 2004

Our Wedding Anniversary!

Dear hubbie...

I dedicate tis special entry to you....

On or about the 13th of December,
Is a day I'll always remember
This the day we agreed on together,
I'll remember this day always and forever

We've had our share of ups' and downs'
And I know there's been times I've made you frown.
The two year we've been through,
The only reason why is because of the Love I have for you

I never thought I could Love someone as much as I Love you
I've proven to myself and hopefully proven it to you too
From the day I met you, you've had a special place in my heart
Not a day I want to go by and us spend it apart

All the years before this all seem wasted
Especially since your Love I've tasted
All the Love I have for you, you'll never know
But for the last 365 days I've tried to show

You mean so much to me you've made me cry
You've made me laugh
And there's times that I Love so much I feel I could die.

This has been the 2nd year, all I can pray for is many more
For the rest of my life I will forever adore
The name of this poem is "A Day to Remember."
The day I refer to is the 13th of December.

Happy 2nd Anniversay to my dear hubbie, Rahmat!!

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