Monday, December 20, 2004


Went to see my gynae tis morning for my 7 mths check up... Was first in the Q (were there @ 8.45am) but Dr Aziz came only at around 10.30am... As a routine Dr will do a scanning to see what's my lil' gurl doing inside! As usual he will measure her Head Circumference, Abdomen Circumference & her weight... As of today, he weight is now 1.16kg... Dr told me tat she's big.. hehe... This time round I cudnt get to see much of her features cos I was coffing & coffing non-stop when Dr did the scanning.... Dr prescribed me with 4 types of medicine for my coff.. Hope I will get better soon!!!

Left: LiL' gurl's feet
Right: LiL' gurl's head circumference

Reached home, took my medicine & slept from 2.45pm till 6.30pm... Wow! The medicine really knocked me out for few hrs! Actually me & hubbie wanted to go to Baby Hyperstore at Kaki Bukit here to check out the baby cot & to Shing Shiong but cos I slept like a dead log, we cancelled the idea...

Till now I still feel quite tired due to the coff.... Okay now I shall story a bit on my short vacation frm last Fri till Sun...

Friday (17th Dec)

After subuh prayer, both me & hubbie went out to fetch my parents @ Bedok. Reached Bedok at 6.10am... By 6.20am we had zoomed off to Tuas checkpoint... No massive jam at all... Everything was smooth.... Cleared Malaysia Checkpoint around 7.25am... It was soo nice driving early in the morning... Anyway we reached Ayer Keroh Tol @ 9am... Fast rite?? hehe.. Hubbie was smiling when we kept saying tat the journey was fast...Apa tak nya bawak 120km/h - 130km/h.. Tapi tak rasa seh! eheheh

Waited for my hubbie's bro to fetch us @ Kota Mas as hubbie is unsure on the way to the kampung... We get to rest once we reached MIL's kampung... Around 2pm, we went out for our shopping trip @ Mahkota Parade... There, my eyes went 'kero' seeing all the baby stuffs on sale!! There's also Disney Sale!! So I go and borong the baby stuffs and it was damn cheap!! Hubbie gave me green lite some more!! All the cute2 stuff..Iskkk!! Dah tengok baju tu semua mcm tak ingat dunia!! hehe.. Went Parkson and shopped for baby stuffs again!! Went over to the food court to eat! Cheap2 & nice food.... Went back around 6 plus... We didn't go out anywhere after tat... We really slept soundly tat nite!

Saturday (18th Dec)

Woke up early morning....After subuh prayer, we sat outside the verandah to feel the morning breeze.... It was cold boi!!! Syiokkk!! My dad was soo happy there... hehe.. MIL & SIL helped mum to make "wadeh"..Yes! Mum brought the "wadeh" ingredients all the way from Spore to make breakfast for us... Hubbie went to buy Nasi Lemak & Roti Canai from MIL's sister's shop...
Had our breakfast.... At 10am, with 2 cars, we set off to Pasar Besar Melaka where my mum really borong lotsa stuff!! Dah mcm makcik siput seh!! hehee...Then we went over to the tailor where we frequent tailored out baju kurung & kebaya.. Mum made 2 bajus there... Then we off to my dad's cuzzin's hse at Bukit Katil.. Stayed there for awhile den we went to Tesco for shopping again! As usual, I bought some baby stuffs & my own stuffs... After tat we had our late lunch at the food court there... Dad belanja all of us... Then we went home...

Rested for awhile before we went to Pasar Malam nearby around 5.45pm... As I'm pregnant, PIL was against of me going to the Pasar Malam after magrib so we set off earlier.... Dad bought lotsa food for dinner... Everything there was cheap and dad just cudn't stop buying...hehe .. We had Laksa Penang, Mee Goreng, Kway Teow Goreng, Mee Soup, Satay, Ayam Jerangkung, Murtabak & soya bean drink for dinner... What a spread!! Tat nite, we slept around 12 plus midnite...

Sunday (19th Dec)

Woke up early... I followed hubbie to buy breakfast... SIL cooked Nasi Goreng... All of us had breakfast together... After tat as usual we relax outside the verandah... By 9.45am, all of us had got ready to go back Spore as we were afraid tat if we were to set off later, both checkpoint will be jammed! MIL & FIL and both hubbie's niece & nephew chartered the usual Malacca Car to bring them back to Spore... It was soo sad to say goodbye as all of us just love to stay at kampung as there are no stress at all... Sad faces were everywhere... After bidding goodbye, we set off around 10.45am.... Along the way, my parents & myself really knocked out leaving hubbie alone to drive..hehe.. Sorry hor! hehe.. We go thru 2nd link and lucky the traffic was smooth... Reached Spore at 1.30pm... Before sending my parents back, we went for lunch at Bedok... Then back to Bedok Home... Waited for my sis & bro to come back... Chit chatted for awhile before we went back... Went over to MIL's place for awhile as we need to collect our shopping bags tat we tumpang at the other car... Bonet penuh beb!! hehe..

Finally reached our home sweet home at 6.10pm... After unpackinbg all the things & run the washing machine, took my bath and finally I get to rest! Was coffing badly yesterday nite!! Sleep around 11 plus... But I did not have a good sleep afterall due to the coff and baby's kicking...

Tat's all for my update for the past few days... Overall, I'm really happy altho' it's a short vacation!! I'm so satisfied with my baby stuffs shopping... In all me & hubbie spent RM600 (SGD260) for just the baby stuffs... Cheap!! Where can we get $260 worth of things in Spore!

Anyway, you guys can view all the pics HERE!

Some of the preektures taken @ Malacca

The baby stuffs tat I bought there.. Cute rite???

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