Thursday, December 02, 2004

Post Effect of Spore Idol!

Today wherever you go, there will be updates, talks on yetserday Spore Idol... Taufik's name is being said most of the time.... In papers, radios, online websites, blogs, among families and everywhere all are still talking abt it... And I'm on of the so called "fanatic" fan of Taufik who keeps surfing around for latest news about him... Was quite disappointed on the news tat Taufik will not be representing Spore for the World Idol tis morning... But there came the news saying tat it has yet to be confirmed tat Spore will be entering the World Idol.. Just hope tat Taufik will have the chance to show his great talent in the World Idol... But anyway, it has been great tat he was crowned the Spore Idol yesterday... The first ever MALAY chap who won the title in the Spore... Taufik, you really do us proud!!!!

Anyway today I went over to Bedok Central to meet my fren, Suriani, before going to Bedok Home.. As I was craving for Caramel Sundae, I get Suriani to meet me at McDonald... Had my Fish O Fillet lunch there before we go jalan2 at Bedok Central.. There's a bazaar but nuthing much to see lah... Reached my parents' place at 5pm... Took a rest as I was panting and really need some air... But I got excited when I heard "I Dream" by Taufik at Perfect 10... I just lurve the song and Taufik's voice... (Ohh No!! I keep talking abt Taufik again!!!) hehehe..

Hubbie came over at 6.50pm.. Had our dinner..Mum cooked Ladoq Daging, got papedum oso.. Watched Double Happiness and then the Suria News..Mum was waiting for the Taufik's segment eagerly... Mum was actually excited when she got to know tat Taufik's mum is her school fren... She keeps on talking and talking abt it... hehe...

Dad came home with lotsa fruits...And we had durian feast too before we went back home...
Reached home at 9.20pm... Had my bath and now updating tis entry... Oh yesh! Tomoro is Friday!! Weee!!! Super fast!!

Before I end tis entry, calling all Taufik's fan who havent sent a Birthday Wish for Taufik (DOB: 10th Dec), please click here to enter yur wish for him.. Date due will be 5th Dec..Quick!! All our wishes will be printed out and be handed over to Taufik himself!!

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