Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Taufik, Our Very First Spore Idol!

Finally I get to update this entry!!! Blogger also jammed huh!! All bcos of Spore Idol izzit??ekeke...Anyway, I'm so happy and excited as we have our First Spore Idol, Taufik Batisah! He was crownedThe Singapore Idol just now and beat Sly in the voting camp...Anyway he was superb singing the 3 songs! Remarkable!!! I dunt see any flaws in him singing those songs!! As he was singing, my fingers also doing job u know!What else if not sending sms to vote for Taufik! hehe

It was a great show & performance by the Finalist too! When the result was announced, both me & hubbie clapped so loudly like nobody business..Even heard shoutings from the opposite blk! I guess they were happy too cos Taufik isThe Idol! I was brought to tears seeing Taufik sang I Dream after he was crowned the winner.. His humble nature leds himget Sly to sing together with him.. He has a great future ahead of him.. Hopefully he will make it BIG one day!

He walks away with a Platinum recording contract with BMG and an artiste management contract with Hype Records.

Kudos Taufik!!!

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