Saturday, December 11, 2004

Boring Saturday!

Today is super duper boring Saturday!! We dunt have any plan so we decided to just stay at home.. Was thinking on wat can I do!! iskk... Boring nyaaa!! Anyway I cooked early today... Menu: Ayam Masak Lemak, Kobis Goreng & Ikan Kering Goreng..

Watched TV, surfing around, lazing on bed were the itinerary for today! Keep sms-ing kissy as both of us were bored too! Suddenly I feel like baking brownies... Luckily I got all the ingredients in my cabinet!! In 20 mins, I'm ready to bake my brownies!! We had the brownies for tea time...

At 7.30pm, both of us sat in front of the TV to catch the repeat telecast of Spore Idol!! Both of us just cudn't get enuff of Taufik's performance eventho' I had downloaded the videos & mp3 of Taufik!!!! Had our dinner while watching...

Shall stop here and continue watching the program... Byee aLL!!!!!!

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