Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Tis morning when I woke hubbie up, I was feeling groggy... I even didn't him to the door as I just cudn't get up from the bed... Hubbie reminded me thousands of time to go doc later... So after salam him at my bed, I continued sleeping... Woke up at 10.20am... I dragged myself to take my bath and get ready to go to the doc...

Luckily there's a few ppl at the doc... Went in and told doc tat I got a terrible flu & told him abt my pimple rashes at my back.. He wanted to prescribe me antibiotics.. Then suddenly I tot tat preggy lady cannot take antibiotic so I asked him... He totally forgotten tat I'm pregnant!! Apa nya doctor lah..nasib baik lah aku tanya dia.. Then he looked at my tummy..Wah now big oredy ah! Ehh mesti lah...dah nak masuk 7 mths oii!! hehe..

After I took the medicine, went over to Madinatul to buy food... Tot of getting Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis but the mamak said havent ready ah... So have to buy Nasi Campur... Peh belambak nasi dia kasi! Reached home, I rested for awhile before I ate my bfast cum lunch... Surf around before I finally took my medicine... Around 3pm, I finally dozed off til 5.20pm...

Oh ya..Today I finally get to chat with a 2nd cuzzin of mine (mum side - mum's cuzzin's doter) named Yana.. Actually I myself dunno when I last seen her..I guess it was when she was sooo young! She's the same age as my bro... Shud be around 10 yrs didn't see her and finally today got to talk to her in MSN.. She added me and I was wondering who is this girl... When she introduced herself I was quite surprised...Anyway she's getting married tis 25th Dec.. Dah besau anak omak ni!! hehe.. Caught up a lot of things with her... Insya Allah I see you on yur wedding day!!!!

Today I didn't cook... I just cook rice and when hubbie came home, he cooked fried rice for himself...I'm so sorry dear!! Tak larat ah after taking the medicine.. Now I'm still feeling drowsy... But I hope to get better by tis week cos next Fri, we gonna drive up to Malacca!! yeah!! tat's what I'm waiting for.. We gonna bring my parents and sis along!! Nak Balik kampung!!! yeah! I just lurve the kampung environment.. But not tat the kampung with kayu lah..ehehe..Ni umah batu nya..Kampung moden! ehehe.. And wat's more, we'll be doing some baby stuff shopping there!! I likee tis part!! hehe.. Have listed out on wat to buy! Oh boi!! I'm getting excited oredy!! Anyway it will be my last trip before I have to sit still at home and wait patiently for my due!! hehe

Shall stop here!! I need to rest now... Thanks to you guys for yur well wishes and also belated besday wishes!! ;)

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