Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It's Rainy day!!

It's a wet day today and has been raining non-stop... A cool weather to grab yur pillow & bolster and continue sleeping... ;) I woke up late as I took the advantage of the weather anyway... After washing up and everything, I cooked a small portion of rice and heat up yesterday dishes and I'm ready for my bfast cum lunch!! But before tat I will have my milk as usual...

After lunch, started to check emails and as usual chatted with the rest while watching CNA for the Tsunami updates... So sad seeing those victims being washed away by the huge tidal wave... And even sadder seeing their family members grieving for the lost of their loved ones!! When I read today Newpaper, I was soooo sad whereby a couple lost their 4 yrs old girl in the wave.. Ya Allah..jauhkan lah kami semua dari bencana-bencana ini berlaku di Singapura...

Today I cooked Thai Green Chicken Curry & fried some wantons & ngoh hiang... a simple dinner for both of us... Mum told me tat she will call the tukang urut to urut my peyut (7 mths urut) tis coming Monday.... I told mum tat I wanna urut my whole body as it has been aching for quite awhile... Syok lah kalau dapat urut!!

hmmm...Wat's on TV today?? Nothing interesting lah.. boring!! I shall stop here lah.. Finding something to do... Byee!!

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