Thursday, January 11, 2007

An update after MIA..


Finally I'm back with an update... Masita, I've update!! hehe...

Actually I'm super lazy to update lately.. Really! Feels like exiting from the blogging world...shall tink abt that... Anyway I was busy with work for the past week...Many things need to be done.. That's the reason why I din manage to update my blog or even blog-hopping or multiply-hopping..

And lately so many things's personal anyway... Now's it's already Thursday...meaning a day before weekend starts..yay!!

Last weekend, we din do much things except going to Parkway on Saturday with my parents... On Sunday, we went to Punggol Beach together with Abg Long & Abg Chik's family.. We had fun there especially Icah...It's her first time playing with the sand.. At first she was very skeptical stepping on the sand but when she saw her fellow cuzzins playing with it, she asked me to bring her down and took off her shoes..After awhile she was like walking and playing with the sand happily...

Hopefully this weekend we will have some fun too...As of now, no plans yet.. But was told by hubbie that his exam is coming in 2 weeks time and he need to do revision..So hopefully he will have some time with Icah & me..

Shall stop here for now and hopefully I will be back soon.. Byee!

Punggol Beach Pic

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