Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Noty LiL Rascal!

This morning, both me and hubbie were caught off-guard! Alisha was crying loudly and when we saw her, she was faced down!! I was away to make her bfast while hubby was sleeping at the sofa.. I quickly carry her and saw blood in her mouth.. Was so panicked and I called hubbie.. Blood was gushing down her lips.. Iskk... I kept dabbing her lips with tissue to wipe off the blood.. While she was crying refusing to wipe off her lips.. As a result, she got a swollen upper lips.. After comforting her, I gave her bfast.. She just cried for awhile and after that it's back to her normal bubbly self.. iskk..budak ni! Kita adalah panic... Tak serik jugak budak kenit ni.. Dia suka nah nak panjat sana, panjat sini, merangkak sana, merangkak sini..

By the way, we noticed another tooth coming out on the upper gum!! yay! Alisha has a total of 3 teeth! But can't beat Lil Amir Mukthar who has 8 teeth rite Liza?? haha

And amazingly over at Kampung, she can already walk but still unsteadily.. A few steps only lah! Hope that she can walk steadily soon!! :)

Come watch her short clip on how Alisha "tateh"...Click here!!

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The swollen lips..

Pictures of Alisha with her blue cheongsam..

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