Monday, January 16, 2006

First day of werk...

Alhamdulillah all went well today... Reached the new werk place super early due to my kiasu-ness.. Afraid that I might be late, I get hubbie to go out early.. hehe.. Verdict = reached 30mins earlier.. hehe.. sempat pi dok kat canteen minum teh... hehe.. At 8.25am, I went up to the HR.. After a short briefing, I was asked to take a sit as someone will come and fetch me to bring me to my new department..Waited for nearly 30 mins.. Soo ngantuk seh!

At my new department, I was briefed by my supervisor as well as one kakak.. Luckily there's a kakak melayu in my team.. As usual, I dunno wat to expect on my first day.. Just read the notes... Stared blankly at the notes as satu benda pon gue tak tahu.. hehe.. And so super ngantokk also... Dunt have internet yet.. hopefully can get the access but email has been functioning and the only thing to keep me awake was emailing to Nollie, my hubbie and some of my frens.. hehe

Lunch I went with Nollie...yay! Finally get to lunch with Nollie as a colleague... haha... Went over to Starhub Ctr foodcourt... Anyway for a first day, the time really flies so fast! Knock off at 6pm and went to meet hubbie at SPC...

Anyway yesterday I get to meet Nazreen and Hawa! It has been such a long time that we gather together..So many stories that we shared yesterday! Hawa has just given birth to a baby boi, Muhd Aqil Muzaffar... A cute baby!! Before that me, hubbie & Alisha went to Adriana's cukur rambut... Thanks Ogy for inviting! Adriana sooo cute and she was soundly asleep when we met her..

Talking about babies, next mth gonna be Alisha's 1st besday and we still have no idea on how to celebrate her day! Need to sit down and brainstorm!!

Shall stop here now! Gonna continue to watch's getting more and more exciting!! :)

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