Thursday, January 05, 2006

Counting Down the days!

I left with 3 more days to work before I bid goodbye to my werkplace here! Sad it may be but when there is an opportunity, we need to grab it fast.. My last day will be this coming 11th, a day after Hari Raya Haji.. And I will have Thursday and Friday to enjoy!! Being booked by my fren on Thursday and on Friday, a big "GALA Event" happening on that day! *wink to those who are involved* hehe.. I will start my new job on 16th January 06. Am so excited.. :)

Now am thinking of baking my Chocolate Fudge Cake over the weekend. It's not for Hari Raya tho' but it's for my koligs here! Tomoro will be a short day for me as I will need to clear my 3hrs time off! yay! Thanks to my kolig, Masita, who is willing to change the shift with me! Else I will have to work from 10am to 7pm....

Will be following hubbie for his knee check up at SGH tomoro! And wat's more tomoro is Friday and I'm not working on Saturday as last Saturday is my last Saturday to werk! My new job is a 5days werk week! :)

Okay now I'm counting the hours before I can go home at 7pm today! aiyohh! faster lah the time! So sian! and I'm freesing rite now!! helep!!!!!

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