Monday, March 07, 2005

Shed away the excess!!!

Had an appointment with Dr Aziz today at 11am, but before tat we went over to East Shore to collect our refund for my "hotel" stay there... Alhamdulillah we get back 300 over bucks back.. Rezeki!! hehe..

When we went over to Dr Aziz clinic, was told by the kakak there to come back at 2pm cos Dr Aziz gonna rush over to Raffles Hospital for a c-sect... Aiseyman!! Nasib baik rumah dekat!! Went back home... Luckily MIL & FIL over at my hse so we dunt have to bring Lil' Alisha with us.. My parents & sis will only be back to my house tomoro nite as mum has to go polyclinic to get her wound dressing today & tomoro...

Managed to get a nap for 20 mins before going back to the clinic... Alhamdulillah, according to Dr Aziz tat my stitches dah kering!! Selamat!! But I still feel the "ngilu"... Then we discussed about family planning.. Were informed about the various ways of contraception... As usual, he will always buat the kelakar..The "dirty" jokes!! haha... Gonna see him 2 mths time for the papsmear test..ouchy!! Before we went home, one of the kakak there gave me 1 tin of Mamex Gold for Lil' Alisha.. Wah another tin on hand.. tat day, my dad bought a tin for Lil' Alisha and now got another tin..Rezeki lagik!! Amin!!

Oh ya!! I was soooo happy today when the kakak at the clinic took my weight...I shed 10 over kilos within 11 days... Now I'm determined to shed another 7 to 10 kgs!! Hopefully I can do tat.. Will monitor my weight till abis the pantang and continue sheddings the kilos!! Sungguh ku tak sangka!! Happy giler beb!! Bila lah nak dapat badan kurus balik cam dolu2...The weight now tat I'm having is the weight tat I used to have for the last 3 years... Isk isk isk! Lepas kahwin trus memboyak jadi APAM!! hehehe.. Now must control wat I eat after the pantang mantang abis!!

oops..okay lah no more talking abt weight... Now I'm feeling so sleepy oredy after seeing Lil' Alisha sleeping in her swinger....

Will update again when I'm free lah.... Before tat enjoy some of teh candid peektures tat I took of Lil' Alisha!!

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