Friday, March 04, 2005


Now Lil' Alisha wokes up every 2 hrs for her milk... Usually it's 3 hrs and now the time become shorter and my sleeping time becomes shorter too... Takpe lah.. Pengorbanan Ibu lah katakan.. hehe.. But she's good cos she did not cry when she wakes up for milk.. When I heard her small "ekkk", I take a look at her and saw her eyes oredy wide awake... Hubbie is the one who will make her milk and I continue to feed her and put her to sleep back.. Eventho' it's tiring, but it's all worthwhile!! Sejuk tgk muka dia... :D

This morning, MIL came around 8 plus in the morning.. She brought bfast... Dad took urgent leave today... Mum still not operated yet! Dad told us tat the doctor said it's not piles actually, it's just a "bisol" and since it's a minor ops, mum has to wait till there's a slot available.. Iskk..

I tot of sleeping for awhile before the makcik urut comes but baru nak terlelap, ada jer tepon berdering-dering..aiseyman... Weak tol ah!! But I managed to sleep for 2 hrs in the afternoon as MIL & FIL are looking after LIl' Alisha... MIL asked me to sleep as she knew tat I'm soo soo sleepy...

Woke up around 4.30pm... Hubbie reached home around 5 plus... As usual, once he's home, he will take over the household duties... Vacuum, mop, clean the kitchen thoroughly... He's such a great help & I'm so thankful to him...

Lil' Alisha's godmamas, kissy, Klopez & Bunnyz, came after magrib... hir came later... The 3 "godmumus" (dunno how Klopez got tis name..ekkeek) tried waking Lil' Alisha up cos they wanted to see her with her eyes open! ehehe... Luckily they managed to convince Lil' Alisha..

After the 9pm Chinese Drama, they made a move... Dad came home from hospital and was told tat mum still doesn't have the slot to be operated.. Dad was so furious and talked to the head nurse there... The nurse then told dad tat she will TRY to get doctor to do the ops on mum by tonite! Peh lembab!! iskkk...

Okaylah I tink I better stop here... I wanna get some sleep since Lil' Alisha is sleeping rite now.. Tomoro morning will be her jaundice follow up at Bedok Polyclinic in the morning.. Hope I can get some sleep tonite with hubbie around to help me since he's not working tomoro!

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