Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mum in hospital!!

Mum has to be warded in SGH due to her piles and she is scheduled to have her operation tomoro morning.. Aisey!! Wat a wrong timing! When I needed her most in my house during my confinement, tis has to happen.. But watever it is, ini semua dugaan Allah..

She went to Dr Balkis tis afternoon hoping to get medication to the problem but instead Dr Balkis told her tat her piles "bernanah" and some more she has diabetes and need immediate operation...

She waited for my dad to come back from werk and after dinner, they went to SGH to get my mum warded... I just hope she will get well soon.... Insya Allah..

As for me, luckily MIL stay nearby.. So tomoro onwards, it's her turn to take care of me & Lil' Alisha...

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