Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lil' Alisha's 3 weeks old!

Fast isn't it??? My cutie Lil pie is 3 weeks old oredy! Dah besar anak omak!!! NOwadays the time really past very the fast!! tsk tsk tsk..

Now she's been sleeping less in the day... She will opened her eyes wide during the day for about 2 to 3 hrs before getting to sleep... But she wants ppl around her to layan her else she will make noise!! Her favourite time is her bath time... She likes water... She will keep still when mum puts her in her bath cute!!

At nite, now between 10 plus to 12 plus, she will stay awake.. And her both tired Abah & Mama have to layan her till she goes to sleep.. isk isk isk... Padahal mata dah ngantuk, tapi dia tetap tak nak tido..aisey...

Now she's sound asleep... I tink she must be pretty sleepy..hehe... Kay lah better stop here.. Need to lepak2 for awhile... Feel quite sleepy actually... But must watch the 9pm Chinese Drama first!! Will update when time permit... Tata!!

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