Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Counting Down!

My confinement period will end in 7 days time! Yippie!! Fast huh?? isk isk isk!! But actually makes no different leh cos durng confinement oso I broke the "law" by going out but only I'm looking forward to eat what I craved for during confinement! I want SWENSEN ICE CREAM! hehe... I strictly follow the eating pantang!! So I must indulge on the food tat I wanted so much during my pantang..hehe.. But still need to maintain my weight and figure...Cheh! Kang nanti, weight ke mana, figure ke mana...hahaha

But after the confinement period, we can bring Alisha out for jalan2 oredy! yeah! But the problem is, our motorbike cannot fit Alisha in..hehe... If only we got a car! hehe.. Hmmm.. Insya Allah kalau ada rezeki, ada lah kurita itu! *wink at hubby*

Alamak, now I dunno wat to update ah! Brain being block plak! Take my leave now! Shall update when I got more ideas or newest photo of my Alisha Kenit.. :)

Papai for now!!!

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