Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back with updates..

First of all, me & hubbie would like to thankyou guys for the well-wishes for my FIL.

It was a crucial moment for me & hubbie's family these few days.. On Saturday, we went to hospital after hubbie fetch me from work.. Spent our time there... FIL looked good that day.. He was cheerful and talked to the guests who came.. But at around 7.20pm, FIL vommitted fresh blood when the doctor did a check on him. It was puddle of blood on his bed.. All of us were scared and shocked. Even the doctor panicked... A Senior doctor was called in. Did a check and we were told that they need to do a endoscopy to FIL's tummy again. The Doctor also mentioned that if the scope is unable to locate the bleeding area, they have to do a major surgery which will be a 50-50 survival. We were extremely shocked and sad!! All of us started crying.. It's just so sudden... Hubbie being the first point of contact and the person who needs to sign the operation letter was the unwilling party to get FIL to do ops but as it's the best choice, he has to force himself to sign the form. After signing he cried out. I was soo sad to see him in that state. MIL was too stunned. All of us really din expect FIL to be in that kind of state. He is a healthy and active man..

Doctor advised us not to go back first. They will schedule to do the endoscopy at 9.30pm. At around 9.20pm, he was wheeled to the endoscopy room. Before that all of us salam him and told him to recite prayers and not too worry. FIL was crying and it was really a sad & critical moment for all of us. We were waiting outside the ward. At 10pm, hubbie received a call from a nurse and was told to go down. We waited for hubbie then. Then I received a call from hubbie to go to the Operation theatre waiting area. We were so worried and were crying when told that FIL needs to be operated!! It means 50-50 chance of survival???!! We can only pray and tawakal to Allah and hopefully the operation will be a success. According to hubbie, the doc told him that the ops will take an hr. So we all waited at the waiting area there from 10.30pm... The clock ticked and few hrs passed by but FIL is not out from the ops theatre. We were unable to sleep nor eat at that point of time altho the it was past midnite.

Hubbie had to call up the ward and asked for the status. All the nurse can say was that, FIL is still being operated. It was my first ever experience waiting for someone having a major operation outside. The feeling was soo undescribable that I wont want it to happen again... I only saw the scene on TV but never did I expect that it will happen to me & family.

Finally at 6am, we caught a glimpse of FIL coming out from the Ops theatre... They brought him to Surgical Intensive Care Unit. We were told to wait outside the SICU. We were anxious to know what is the status of FIL and why the surgery took so long. We managed to get hold of the surgeon outside and summoned him with lotsa questions. Were told that FIL's is critical still after the long operation and he also mentioned that there are risks involved after the operation. FIL might suffer from stroke, heart attack or even infection. He needs to be taken care very attentively. We were quite sad but at the same time were at ease as the operation is over. Doc said that the small intestine so called "burst" and that caused it to bleed. They actually cut off the affected area and stitched it up and channelled the intestine to another way.

At 6.30am, we get to see FIL but 2 person at a time. The sight of him really made us cried. With all types of tubes inserted in his mouth and nose, he is responding when we talked to him. We know that his "semangat" is really strong. After get to see him, doctor asked us to go back and rest and come again during visiting hours. All of us went back and refresh outselves but still we were unable to get some sleep. I got migrane but is unable to sleep. Stomach is empty but can only eat a little. Both me and hubbie went back to take our shower and came back to MIL's house. Bathe our Lil Alisha and put her to sleep. At 11 plus, we went back to hospital. Was told that FIL managed to open his eyes. We went to see him and he is able to open his eyes and speak but we din let him to talk as he needed to rest. Furthermore can see the pain from his face.

The whole day were spent in the hospital. On Monday both me & hubbie took leave and we also spent out time at the hospital with MIL & hubbie siblings. Right now, FIL's condition has stablised and just got info from hubbie that he will be transfering to a normal ward soon as he is recuperating well.. Alhamdulillah! Syukur!! Now we just hope that FIL will have a speedy recovery and can go back home soon...

Will be visiting FIL in hospital after werk today. Hubbie has started his reservist today and it will be for 2 weeks...

And Ramadhan is only 7 days away.. Anxiously waiting for the day.. :)

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