Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Midweek again!

2 more days to weekend!! I dragged myself to werk today.. Feeling so sleepy actually.. Wish I cud sleep longer.. But at least nowadays my Lil Alisha only wakes up at 6am...

I'm just looking forward for the weekend to come.. Saturday will be her wedding! Am so looking forward to see her in the wedding outfit.. *grin*.. Sunday will be a jalan day for the 3 of us... yay!

And now I'm still thinking of a place to eat for this coming Friday nite... It's dad besday... Tot of bringing him and the whole family out... But where to?? Hmmm.. any idea guys?? Have to celebrate on Friday as Saturday my parents gonna go to Yogjakarta (dunno if I get the spelling correctly) with my uncle & aunty to attend their wedding solemnization there.. They will only be back a week after tat..

And next Friday we gonna go Malacca again! Yeay!! Another break again for us! hehe.. This time we have to collect our Hari Raya outfit with the tailor there.. And do some shopping.. hehe

Oops I tink I'm all excited oredy.. better stop here lah... Need to continue with my werk and hope the clock will tick faster!! *padahal baru masuk keje dah nak balik* :p

Hv a great day guys!! :)

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