Saturday, September 24, 2005

No weekend for us!

Yesterday FIL was warded in CGH. The day before he was vommitting and having diarrhea.. We wanted to send him to doctor but he insisted that he was alright after taking medicine. But yesterday morning as early as 6am, SIL called up to inform that FIL's vomit was in black color.. And he was soo weak. We were quite worried as MIL have to take care of Lil Alisha alone as FIL is too weak to help her. But I cud not take leave as it was too late and furthermore I start werk at 7.30am the earliest shift. SIL said that she will call my 1st BIL to see if he can bring FIL to doctor.

After sending Alisha, hubbie sent me to werk.. At werk, hubbie keep updating me about FIL's condition. At 11.10am, hubbie told that FIL need to be refer to hospital as doctor suspected that there is internal bleeding in his tummy. I applied for urgent half day leave and it was approved. Went back around 11.40am and took a cab to MIL's place.. Hubbie was already there.. both BILs had brought FIL to CGH. After Zohor prayer, hubbie drove me, MIL and Lil Alisha to hospital. FIL has to be warded. Doctor gave him blood transfusion as his blood pressure is very low. In the afternoon, doctor did a scope inside his tummy. Finding was there is bleeding in the small intestine. Doctor has to inject him and even clip the intestine to stop the bleeding... Yesterday nite, doctor will again do a scope to his tummy before coming to a decision whether to go ahead with an operation.. Hope it will not be that serious..

We just hope FIL will have a speedy recovery and nothing will happen to him. Insya Allah..

Anyway today my precious LiL Alisha turns 7 mths old.. Wow! Isn't it very fast?? 5 more mths to a year old.. :) Yet to upload her latest pic.. Will upload soon ya!

And to the ewah2 ladies, we are sorry that we cud not join you guys for the September besday bash picnic gathering at East Coast.. Looking forward for our iftar together during fasting month!!

To eL, Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you enjoy yurself today with the rest!!!

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