Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I've been tagged? Part II

Wahh!! Now it is the trend of the tagging game.. Never ending liao!! hehe.. Now I've been tagged by syana.. This time round it will be more listings that I have to make! isk isk isk!! hehe.. Kene dok perah otak japz.. hehehe

Here it goes:

Se7en things that (will) scare me:

1. Cockroaches - sworn enemy liao!
2. Cicak - I so very the geli of them cos ever one time it passed thru my hand and from then on I have a phobia of tis creature called CICAK!
3. Any flying insects.. I will try to shooo them away and will get so nervous if they are near me.
4. Watching horror movie - that is why till now I never watch The Ring, dunno wat other story lah... Scary lah... Tatottt!!
5. Listening to ghost stories.. After listening, I will sure imagine and will be too afraid to go toilet on my own.. that's me!! hehe
6. Job interviews - if after so long I haven't been to any job interview, I will be sooo scared.. My hands will turn cold... :P
7. Lost of my loved ones - nothing can described that...

Se7en things i like the most :

1) My families - especially my hubbie & doter
2) Kissing my Lil Alisha's cheek - sooo gebu! hehe
3) Shopping - if someone paid for it lah.. ;)
4) buying things for my Lil kenit - anything that I can get for her
5) Trying new recipes - If i have the spare time..
6) Month of Ramadhan -yeshh! it's coming!
7) Taking bath at California Fitness Centre - I like the smell of the changing room.

Se7en most important things in my room :

1) TV set
2) Radio
3) Bed with comfy bedsheet
4) My toilet of cos!!!
5) Dressing table with all my perfumes, make up kit and etc...
6) Fan & Aircon
7) Ayat Kursi frame

Se7en random facts about me :

1) I love pinky stuffs
2) I really look forward for weekend as that will be the 2 days to spent quality time with my hubby and doter and sometimes frens..
3) I dunt bear grudges against others
4) I'm a forgiving person
5) A soft hearted person too but can be keras kepala at times.. (betul tak hubbie ku? ;p )
6) Loves cute stuff
7) If I travel to work or anywhere alone, I must have my mp3 player with me, else I will feel sooo bored...

Se7en things I plan to do before I die :

1) To be a good person (sentiasa dekatkan diri dgn Allah)
2) Wear hijab
3) Travel around the world with my hubbie & children
4) To make sure my children by then have a good education and hold a good job so that they can have a good life!
5) Perform Haj with hubbie
6) Make sure I clear all the hutang piutang if I ever owe ppl..
7) Make my family as happy as possible

Se7en things I can do :

1) Can sit in front of my PC for hours
2) Cook for my beloved hubbie
3) Giving birth to my dear Lil Alisha thru normal delivery.. ( Syukur Alhamdulillah for that)
4) Window shopping from one place to another without feeling tired
5) Make my family happy
6) Jemur baju, lipat baju and gosok baju - non stop chores, one after another
7) Wake up early morning with just 1 alarm rings and I will be fully awake.

Se7en things I can't do :

1) To stop my age from going 30 years old next year ;P
2) If I'm sick, I can't bring myself to do anything. Just sleep all day.
3) To be as pantas as my mum when comes to cooking... she can cook very fast one..
4) Driving - Insya Allah will take up driving license in coming year.
5) Kemas store - for sure I will start sneezing like nobody bisness.
6) Be a supemom (not superman u know..hehehe)
7) Sleeping with lites on - sooo silau man!

Se7en words I say the most :

1) Izzit?
2) Really?
3) aisyeman!
4) Elo Kenit! (Everyday I must say this to my Lil Kenit)
5) eh?
6) Alah!
7) ye ker?

Se7en celeb crushes :

1) Anuar Zain
2) Orlando Bloom
3) Johnny Depp
4) Arjun Rampal
5) Shah Rukh Khan
6) Jerry Yen from F4

Se7en people I'll love to see doing this (names not in order) :

1) Mal
2) Aliyah
3) Lizanoor
4) Yahfiq
5) Nisrina
6) Lea
7) nz7976

p/s: syana..penat sungguh hendak menaip dan memerap otak!! haha

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