Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy 56th Besday Bak!!

Today is Dad's 56th Besday... So we decided to treat him to dinner at Cafeela Jalan Kayu... First we decided to go to Sakura Restaurant at Eastpoint but later we changed our mind.. So jelak of Sakura actually.. last week we were at Sakura Far East and today we need to eat elsewhere beside Sakura...

In the afternoon, Aunty Ani called me up asking if my dad will be at home tonite cos she and Uncle Mat wants to surprise dad by coming but I told her that we gonna be out for dinner.. So I suggested to her to join us instead.. She agreed and she will buy a besday cake..

So after maghrib, we picked my parents and sis up while my bro took his bike.. Reached Jalan Kayu at 8.15pm.. Aunty Ani and Uncle Mat were on their way too... We didn't tell dad that they were coming... Surprised beb! ehehe.. Once they reached, not only the BESDAY MAN was surprised but the BESDAY MAN's WIFE was surprised too.. *grin* And guess wat??? We have to changed table 3 times... it's all bcos of one CAT!! Yeay! a Cat!! My sis and the cat really are sworn enemy!! She really has a phobia with cats.. Tak tenteram dibuatnya.. Wat's more when my aunty came, she oso another cat phobia... So in the end we took a place inside.. Selamat sket! Baru makan dgn aman! kalau tak kesian bapak ku kene halau itu kucing! hehe

We ordered Seafood Fried Rice, Cereal Prawn, Kangkong Belacan, Lemon Chicken, Baby Squid, Hotplate Beancurd and also pratas... Really full ah!! Oops sorry no pic for the food as everybody were so engrossed with the food till we forget to take the pics! hur hur hur! And my dear Lil Alisha lurves to eat hotplate beancurd! Dunt play2! Kecik dah pandai makan hotplate ah! hehe

Time to cut the besday cake!! Dad happily cut the chocolate cake!! And the cake was yummylicious!

The yummy chocolate cake...

The Besday Man & his wife!
We made a move at 10pm.. Sent my parents and sis back den we zoomed back home.. And now I feel sooo full and sleepy! Tomoro gonna be a working day for me.. Shud turn in liao!! *yawn*

To Dad, Happy 56th Besday!! Semoga dipanjangkan usia dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu..Dan juga semoga sentiasa diberikan kesihatan yg sempurna... Thanks for being such a wonderful dad to us!! Amin!!

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