Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wanton & Prawn Fritters Recipe!

Here's Syazah and iLah for the recipes..


Chicken Breast (meat only)
Wanton skin
Rice flour mixed with water


Chopped the prawns and chicken breast in smallest pieces. Pour 4 tablespoon of oil in the frying pan. Put in the chopped prawn and chicken breast and add salt, ajinamoto & pepper. Fried till both prawns and chicken are fully cook.

Put a moderate amount of the cooked filling on top of the wanton skin and wrap it accordingly. Use the mixture of rice flour to strengthen the wrap.

Finished everything then fry lah! ;)

Prawn Fritters

Wanton skin (cut in strips)
Corn flour
White egg


Unshelled the prawn and just leave the tail. Cut middle of the prawn to leave it open (optional).
Dip the prawn in white egg den dab it over the corn flour. Wrap the wanton strips around the prawn. Use the white egg to make the strips stick to the prawn.

Then fry the prawn

Both can be eaten by dipping the Sweet Sauce or Mayonaise..

Happy trying gurlz!! :)

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