Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Burstday Mak!

Today is my mum 53rd birthday... Happy besday to her!!!! Tonite dad gonna treat mum and of course us, to Siam Kitchen, Parkway Parade.. Made the reservation since yesterday!! Too bad my bro is on reservist and he has to stay in camp.. sien! Not complete as a family!! Anyway, had bought an embroidery bag for mum at Takashimaya just now. Since Nollie is on leave today and I got no lunch partner, I zoomed myself down to Taka.. Managed to buy mum the bag that I'm eyeing for her, not forgetting myself a smaller embroidery bag and 2 tops from FOX for my cutie Alisha.. *get money, spent money* This is why we have to avoid working in town else money will be out from our pocket like nobody business! hiak hiak hiak...

So another 1 hr to go before I can go back and fill my empty stomach (nvr take my lunch juz now) with Siam Kitchen's food!! I oredy imagine their Tom Yam Soup and Maggo Salad.. yummiee!!!

Okay lah shall stop here for now.. Since my werk already done and now I wanna read 8 days!!

Have a pleasant evening guys!! :)

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