Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's Midweek!

Yay! It's already middle of the week! Quite fast huh! Am sooo looking forward for this weekend! *grin* This Friday my dearest cutie pie gonna turns 1.. Both me & hubbie are taking leave and will be spending our quality time with her.. Not too sure where to go as yet but for sure we will bring her out that day! Too bad the Free Zoo passes from our company have been grabbed fast for the mth of Hubbie has already made bookings for March!

And come Saturday, Alisha will have her 1st birthday bash! Wonder how will she react or behave on that day! Hopefully she will not be a cranky child! For sure she will be happy to see her frens coming as she loves having toddlers around her! She is one friendly gal u know!! hehe

So now, I shall wait patiently for Friday to come! 1 day of werk tomoro and our weekend will start!!

Kay for now getting ready to go Fish & Company for lunch with my team mates to celebrate our Boss's birthday! *stomach growling*

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