Thursday, October 28, 2004

Super Lemau Day!

Today I feel a bit noneng....Head is spinning as I guess I have not enuff sleep after taking my flu medicine...have to wake up twice for sahur and woke hubbie up so I tink bcos of tat caused my kenonengan...

Anyway the whole day I was soo lemau... With my blocked nose & some "leftover" sneezing.. I tot tat I dunt have to cook today but at last got to whip up a simple kway teow hailam for break-fast.. As hubbie came home late a bit late after his reservist shooting, we had to forgo the plan of going over to the hospital earlier...

After our break-fast & maghrib prayer, we went over to SGH to visit my granny... As usual most of my aunties, uncles & cuzzins were already there...Dad, sis & bro were there too except for my mum... Food is everywhere...For my dad side, if there is a gathering, surely there's a lot of food..haha...Being in a hospital or anywhere...Dah cam picnic seh.. My Aunty cooked beefsteak and there's burgers too... My granny looks okay but now her forgetful-ness is really picking up on her... She tends to forget things..She tot she is in her home... Doctor did say tat tis is the sign of "dementia" ...Sad to see her in tat state..

All of us left SGH at 10pm...Feeling so tired, I have to drag myself to iron hubbie's reservist uniform... Kay gotta logoff...Need my sleep now! Bye!!

Break-fast menu: Kway Teow Hailam

Cuzzin's cute doter, Aleeya Athirah

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