Tuesday, October 26, 2004

And the result is.......

After counting the votes from you peeps, here is the result of the Baby Gender Voting... (dah cam election plak) hahaha..

11 of you guess it's a boi & another 11 of you guess it's a gurlz.... wahh we have a draw here!! heheeheh...

So 11 of you are correct with it and let see which group "wins"!!!!! *wink*

Here it goes....

Pergi pekan naik perahu
Terjumpa pula si ikan duyung
Kalau anda semua nak tahu
Baby dalam kandungan ku takde burung

So!!! It's a

To those who guess it correctly, alamak no prize lah..Juz for fun jer..hehe..

Yay!! Now I'm not being stalked anymore!! hahaha...

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