Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Back to The Past!

Today my hp alarm went dead & hubbie has to wake up 15 mins late.. Luckily he realised it's 7.30am else both of us overshot till dunno wat time... My hp battery flat & tat's why no alarm triggers us...After hubbie went off to werk, I slept back till 11am..MIL called to meet her around 12.30pm...Today got free food from her..Sambal Goreng & sambal ikan plus ketam..

Then I suddenly remember tat my OCBC credit card bill has yet to settle & today is teh due date.Told hubbie tat I will be going Bedok OCBC to settle the bill... Off I went to Bedok at around3pm...After settling the bill then I went to the library to return books.. As I was heading Bedok Giant,somebody called my name....Ohhhh!! It was my pri cum sec sch fren, Rozi...It has been such a long time since I met her...Was so happy to meet her as I've been asking around for her hp no but to no avail..We chatted for nearly 20mins and exchanged contact no... She's still at Silk Air and already in her 7 years..Wow! She be getting married next year..And her fiance is non other than our secondary schoolclassmate... Balik2 budak Ping Yi jugak dia dapat...hahahaha..Dah jodoh!! We promised to contact each other and go out someday..

After a few mins walking around Giant, I went back home.. Feeling quite tired oredy.. Earlierthis morning, my sec bestfren, Lilli, called... She is due for labour anytime now.. Her EDD willbe this Fri..Ohh gosh! So fast! Hope she has a smooth delivery..

Am so happy today cos I received called from my sec bestfren & met my pri cum sec sch classmate..Hope tat I can meet them soon....

Today is Kak YahFiq or better known as Kak Asmah's besday... Happy besday to you Kak! Semoga dipanjangkan usiadan dimurahkan rezeki... Insya Allah...

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