Saturday, October 30, 2004

Super Malas Saturday!

Today my mood to cook totally been switched off!! I tink I had enuff of cooking for the past 16 days of Ramadan.. So I told hubbie tat I'm not gonna cook today..hehe.. Sorry ye!! Anyway we'll be having our break-fast at MIL's place today so we tot of buying murtabak...Since BIL (Malacca) wanted to eat murtabak so much, so we tot of going over to Zam Zam or Victory to buy it..

Didn't do much things today... Trying to find ideas to re-decorate by blog for the raya mood.. hehe.. Semangat raya beb!! Well, I have put in Raya song oredy... Sesuci Lebaran by Cik Siti Nurhaliza.. But will be changing raya songs frequently... Insya Allah... I'm so lonely w/o my partner in crime, kissy, being online... Her PC gone kaput oredy and now is at ACER Servicing Ctr & will only be back on Wed... So I cudn't catched her online for these few days.. But nvm, we still sms each other everytime we're bored...hehe..

Guess what?? Around 3 plus, I went to my dreamland & just to wake up seeing hubbie oso in his dreamland too at the living room sofa.. Finally woke up around 4.50pm to iron hubbie's baju kurung for his terawih & did my solat Asar... Woke hubbie up.... We went out at around 5.30pm... We dropped the idea of going to Arab St to buy the murtabak but instead we bought it at Har Yassin (Geylang)... Then zoomed to MIL's place.. SIL (Malacca) cooked mee goreng pedas Malacca style & sambal chicken...

Break-fast food!!

Cute Lil' Syazwan...

Now I'm having a coff...One after another...iskk... The flu bug had gone but the coff come to visit me.. I just hope tat it won't be in me for too long... Took the medication tat my GP had prescribed to me tat time...Now I tink the coff syrup has taken effect and I'm off to my dreamland... SIL & family will be sleeping over our place tonite as MIL's place is packed with Malacca's family... So for the first time, we will have company for our sahur.. :)

Hubbie might be taking MC tomoro as his reservist shift will be starting tomoro... Hahaha... So mendak to werk on Sunday rite..Some more it's 8am to 8pm shift..


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