Monday, October 11, 2004

Super Great BBQ!!

Phew!! Sorry guys tat I'm not able to update for the Sat & Sun entries.. Tot of updating yetseday nite but I went to my dreamland as early as 8.30pm & woke up at 9.45am just now..oops..update ke mana, gue ke mana...ekekkeke..Watever it is, TODAY, HERE, I'm gonna update the most memorable BBQ tat we have ever had on Sat @ Costa Sand Pasir Ris with the EWAH2 gang... Let me recapped the whole event now.. jeng..jeng..jeng...

Fri, 8th Oct
kissy reached my hse around 5.45pm...Get her to help me to cut the corns into smaller pieces and wrapped it with the aluminium foil while I do the frying of samosas tat I'm gonna bring over to the chalet for our night consumption..Waited for my cuzzin, Nini, to come as she will be the Guest Of Honour to check-in for us..hehhe.. It's already 6.40pm when Nini reached so we tot of going over to the chalet after maghrib...So we waited for hir to finish his werk at 8pm... At about 8.20pm, we left my place and hailed a cab... Nini, kissy & hir took the cab while me & hubbie went ahead with our bike... Reached Costa Sands at 9pm... After checking in, we waited for Klopez & Bamz, LeNNy & Ah Pek to come over.. Watched TV and chatted... Oh ya..Got to know tat David Yeo is out from Spore Idol!! NOT A FAIR DECISION!!!! WHY NOT JERRY OR CHRIS???? Anyway the rest came over around 10 plus... Nini went back at 11pm as she's tired after a day of werk...

Then the gurls started to wrap the prizes for Sat's game..while we try to get the guys to buy us dinner.. But it seems tat they are too engrossed watching the DVD...hir brought DVD player anyway... Then I got to realise tat we actually forgot to bring over the kerangs!!! Ohh no!! Poor hubbie has to make a U Turn to Ubi to collect the kerang with hir.... Sorry dear!! While hubbie & hir went to collect the kerangs, Bamz & Ah Pek went to buy dinner for all of us... We ate our dinner cum supper at 12 midnite... The gurlz get to sleep at the 2nd storey with the comfortable bed and air-conditioned room but the guys had to make do with the ceiling fan and the so called "hard" gymnastic mattresses... The gurls turned in around 2 plus.... ZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZzz!

Sat, 9th Oct
Woke up at around 10 plus...The guys had already asked us to make bfast for them.. See!! Spoilt brats!!! hehehe... So I went to make Indo Food (Maggi Mee) & Teh 'O' for them...Luckily I brought periuk..hehe.. After bfast, everyone of us took turns to bathe...Dah mcm cite Bujang Lapok dah... Klopez & Bamz need to go off to Bamz's hse as his family is having kenduri arwah after Asar prayer...So they have to MIA for few hrs before coming back to the chalet.. At 12 noon, me, kissy & Lenny went over to Downtown East to find a besday cake as we will be celebrating the Oct Babies's besday... But so disappointed tat Emi Cakes sell not so nice and yet so expensive cakes.. So we decided to ask shanah to buy for us as she is at White Sands.. We went to buy charcoals & breads at Cheer before proceeding to BK for awhile..

Reached the chalet an hr later just to find out tat hubbie & Ah Pek wanna go swimming... Me & Lenny joining in while kissy will be our official photographer of the moment..hehe.. Changed to put swimming suit and went to the pool.. The weather is so nice... Too bad the rest has yet to come.... Spent abt and hr in the pool...shanah & Madi came later with the besday cake & the portable dapur... The next thing we did was to rebus the kerangz to be eaten with the sambal chilli padi dip tat kissy's mum made for us..yum yum!! Bunnyz & Hirman came shortly after tat... Bunnyz brought Fruit Cocktails & Potato Salad...Power lah Bunnyz!! Kak Asmah (YahFiq) came next..She brought Mee Hoon Goreng...Kak, yur mee hoon goreng sedap tau!! But byk sgt mcm nak buat kenduri plak... hehee... Kak Sun & Cen came around 5.30pm.. Kak Sun brought epok2 & thanks for the McDonald drinks!! lurpe you kak!! hehe.. Cen, thanks for joining us for the first ewah2 gathering of yurs... :) Next time dunt shy2 cat okie!! hehe.. The guys had started the BBQ-ing... And us, the gurlz became the food taster...hehe.. shammek came after tat... Oh ya! the Lopez tat kissy's mummy made was nicee!!!

As usual, we had fun and laughter while eating...nymph came around 8pm after her "mini accident" over at her new Fernvale hse..hehe.. Kak Sun's Abg Mie came by after his werk.. Tat's when Kak Sun feel so ALIVE!! Feewitt!! Kalau tak, tak lalu makan akak kita ni.. khakhakha.. Mal & hubby came at 8 plus....Thanks for the tidbits Mal.... Klopez & Bamz returned at the chalet at around 9.30pm where we were about to celebrate the Oct Babies' besday... Presenting the besday gurlz - Kak Mah & Bunnyz... We lit up the cake from upstairs and brought it down to surprise them... Sang the besday song which is from the Gila-Gila Pengantin Remaja VCD... We had the song played over at the DVD player..haha..

After the cutting cake session, we started our GAME of the DAY!!! Got 3 groups & there's a leader in every group... Group Si Jolok - Bamz (leader), Group Penyangak - Abg Mie (leader), Group Sakit Tekak - Ah Pek (Leader).. Hubbie was the Game Master of the day and I'm his assistant cum the official photographer...

The Treasure Hunt Game


  • A group of 5 or more, 2 male is a must.
  • Each group must have a name and appoint a male as a ‘leader’ in the group.
  • Each group has to complete all the clue points to win the contest.
  • The first team to finish and complete all the necessary things will be the winner. Special creative award will be awarded to any group.

This game is so fun tat everybody enjoys it!! Laffing non-stop thru-out the game... The pictures will tell the story!! hehe.. Anyway we have a Miss Bunting award which actually goes to Ah Pek (nama glamer Mas Ayu), Miss Batik Lepas award goes to Bamz (nama glamer Kay, nama penuh Kaywat) & Miss Hejab Iran award goes to Abg Mie (nama glamer Mimi)...

Our 2nd game is the ICe Breaker games...Ermm..I dunt hv the rules with me.. anyway we had lotsa of prizes distributed among the participants...hehe... After the games, we had our 2nd round of food.. Some of them watched DVD while the rest had their chit chat session outside... We put off the BBQ fire at about 12 plus... Those who were not staying overnite had went back earlier.... After cleaning up, all of us took turns to clean ourselves up before turning ourselves to bed... *yawn*

Sun, 10th Oct
We woke up around 9 plus but still lazing around on the bed... Chit chatting and snapping pics of those who were still sleeping..hehee... Around 10 plus, we then decided to wash ourselves and prepare bfast..This time, we had lotsa food for bfast... Klopez & Bamz had brought back Rendang Daging, Rendang Ayam & Lontong from the kenduri the nite before and therefore we'll be having a post kenduri feast for our bfast... ;) We heated up the food and the guys started to BBQ the remaining BBQ foods... At about 12 plus, all of us are yawning all the way... So we, the gurls went up and took a nap for awhile and the guys slept at their usual spot... Nearly 2.10pm, me, hubbie, Klopez, Bamz, Lenny & Ah Pek went for a swim while shanah, Madi, Bunnyz, Hirman & kissy stayed indoor.... Swam for abt an hr before we went to wash up as the weather is too hot at tat moment..Feel like we BBQ-ed ourselves in there...

After washing up, as usual we so very the hungry...Ate a bit and started to clean up the chalet.. Packed our things and put aside... Bunnyz, Hirman, shanah, Madi, LeNNy & Ah Pek went back around 4.45pm as there gonna catch the 5pm shuttle service to Pasir Ris MRT while me, hubbie, Klopez & Bamz stayed till 5.30pm to do last min cleaning... Me & kissy took cab where kissy dropped me off at Ubi and continued her journey to Holland Close while hubbie took his bike and wait for me along the road to carry the few bags.. Klopez & bamz took their bike back to Tampines... Reached home with a tired face & aching body.. But overall, we really enjoy ourselves so much tat I know each and everyone of us will not forget the memorable BBQ cum chalet tat we had in 2004!!! Look out for the pics in my next entry cos now it's still in uploading process.. :D

Thanks to you guys for making the Ewah2 BBQ a memorable & enjoyable one!!!

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