Friday, October 08, 2004

The day has come!!

Phew!! Just finished marinating the ikan pari... Since morning I prepared the sambal den did all the necessary things to the ikan pari... But I have to stop for breaks interval as my foot & body aching all over..hehe.. Now I'm satisfied tat everything has settled and left with the packing of the stuff...

A while later need to follow hubbie to SGH for his routine medical check up on his knee... Hopefully we'll be back by 5pm.. kissy will be coming over to my hse so as my cuzzin who will be checking in the chalet for us.. Thanks Ni!

It seems tat all of us are excited for the chalet cum BBQ event... All geared up for tomoro!! hehe

Oh ya...yesterday when I was at my parents' place, around evening time, hubbie came with a news tat Chen Liping is filming just downstairs... What??? I was like jumping excitedly.. So I quickly grabbed the letter box key and went down.. Indeed when I walked out from the lift, I saw Chen Liping and Mediacorp crews just in front of me.. Was shocked indeed but I managed to smile at Chen Liping..hehe.. She was wearing a butterfly suit (alah baju buttewrfly tapi nie suar ngan blouse nya) with a little make up..Act like Ah Soh2 type..They have to shoot in the lift where Chen Liping supposed to go up the lift.. Saw dad coming and I dragged him to see Chen Liping..hehe.. Quite a few of the residents noticed her.. I was so paiseh to capture the pictures but I managed to capture this from far using my hp...

I shall not be updating my blog for tomoro but will be back with juicy updates on Sunday nite!! Till then..Have a great weekend guys!! Enjoy yurselves and take care!! Chiao!!!

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