Saturday, October 23, 2004

Iftar Part 2

Really had fun just now! Thanks to kissy, shanah, eL, Kak Sun & hubby, Klopez & Bamz, LeNNy & Ah Pek & sham07 for the company & the food tat you guys brought...

Today's menu:- Beefsteak (by kissy), Canadian Pizza (LeNNy & Klopez), Kentang Berempah (sham07), Roti Boyan & Palak Becah (Kak Sun), Sunquick drinks (shanah), Longan Drink (eL), Chocolate Ice Cream & Hershey Sauce (Klopez), Sabsuka & muffin (myself)... See lotsa spread for today break-fast...Phew! Now my tummy very the full ah... Hope you guys have fun!

Now we're looking forward for our next activity which is the Ewah2 Jalan Raya... :)

Okay now let me share the pics we took just now! The rest of the pics can be found here!

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