Friday, October 29, 2004

Iftar @ SIL's place

Woke up real early today...Hubbie went for his reservist late as he got nuthing to do over at the base.. As usual, I will switched on my pc to check emails & chat with the rest for awhile... Around 11 plus, I started to make chocolate muffin to be brought over to SIL's place for break-fast...

Hubbie came home around 12pm as his trainer dismissed them early today.. After his solat Jumaat, we went over to SIL's place... SIL cooked :- Mee Hoon Goreng, Beefsteak, Bubur Asyura, Lontong & Ice Jelly...Then we went over to Bazaar Ramadan near her blk and bought putu piring & epok2.... Today all hubbie's siblings gathered for the iftar..Even my BIL & family from Malacca came down S'pore... It's a fun get-together event...Dah mcm Pre-Hari Raya lah..

Anyway, am so pleased tat Chris is finally OUT from S'pore Idol!! Yeah!! Now waiting for next week R&B/Soul performace..My vote still goes to Taufik!!

Reached home at 11pm... Was quite tired with my body all aching... I just need a good sleep today... *yawn* Kay lah stop here...Have a super great weekend frens!! Byee!!

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