Wednesday, October 13, 2004

2 more dayz to Ramadhan!

I just cudn't wait for Ramadhan to come.. The feeling during Ramadhan is soo great tat it's indescribable... So I shall wait patiently for another 2 more days before it reached here.. But tomoro solat Terawih will be starting... Alhamdulillah.. More pahala to collect for this month of barakah... What's more, I'm looking forward to break-fast with families & frens.. 23rd Oct will be the day we spent our buka puasa with the ewah2 gang... :)

Today I just cooked mee hoon hailam.. MIL bought satay for us from Haig Rd..Spent my time chatting with the rest as well as surfing & blog-hopping...

Just finished folding the dried clothes, ironing hubbie's clothes & hanging the wet clothes tat I just washed..Now I'm all drained out... Gotta take a rest now.. Bye!!

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