Monday, October 04, 2004

Inspector Gadget!

Just came back from Geylang...Met dad at City Plaza... Today's mission : Hubbie is to get NEW hp...Actually tis afternoon dad called me up asking whether hubbie had changed his hp cos he knows tat hubbie's old 6100 hp gonna condemn sooner or later... So I told him tat he has yet to get a new one.. Then suddenly I got an answer from him tat, he wants to buy hubbie a new hp.. He knows hubbie is aiming for he had actually went to survey a few shops in Bedok.. But I told him tat surely hubbie won't agree to it..hehe.. Dad asked me to talk to hubbie cos he said so far he had bought for me, my bro & sis a new hp so now it's my hubbie's turn... Wow!! See!! You're so lucky dear!! FIL is going to buy his son in law a new 6230 handphone... hehehe..

Told hubbie via MSN...First reaction, NO! NO! from him! As I expected!! hahahaha.. Then I told hubbie wat dad had told me... Finally hubbie agreed to go survey2 the price with dad at City Plaza... Called dad up telling him tat hubbie had agreed... So there we were at City Plaza just now.. Got a good offer at one of the shop... Dad paid for the phone plus an extra battery & desktop charger at a good price.... Hubbie keeps playing with his new found gadget..hehe..

Then we went Haig Road for our dinner... Had Mee Kuah Mamak... Then we go jalan2 at the supermarket near Malay Village before we headed home...

Oh ya..Did I tell u guys tat I actuallt met Eizlan Yusoff yesterday at Geylang.. He was smiling at us.. He's sooo fair & hensem too... :)

Just to share an info with you guys... This Sunday, 10th Oct, it will be an official opening ceremony day for the Lighting up at Geylang for this coming Ramadhan... So fast huh!!

A sneak preview of the lighting in Geylang just now..I guess they are doing some testing..

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