Thursday, October 14, 2004

Last Lunch Outing...

Today we, gurlz get to meet for lunch for the last time before Ramadhan is here... Me, kissy, Bunnyz, Klopez & nymph went over to Sakura Capitol Building for our lunch date... Both me & Bunnyz had Roasted Chicken Noodle, Klopez & kissy had Cockle Fried Kway Teow & nymph had Claypot Tom Yam noodle & we had Fried Wanton for our side dish...

After lunch, we went our seperate ways...kissy followed me to Raffles City.. We window shop at Robinson before I went to claim my free ice cream at Haagen Daaz.. Thanks to Bunnyz for recommending me the Strawberry Cheesecake flaver... Bayar niar youu sebelom puasa.. ekekeke.. Then kissy went back to her office while I proceed to Bedok to my parents' place..

Now waiting for hubbie to reach Bedok... Later gonna tapau mum's kicap daging back home for sahur... Kay before I take my leave, I got one pantun for you guys...

Beli lontong buat gado-gado
Untuk santapan buat Pak Kundur
Janganlah asyik syok tido
Sampai lupa bangun sahur

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