Sunday, October 17, 2004

Food Galore!

Today we had our buka puasa @ MIL's hse with hubbie's siblings.. Bery the kecoh one!! hehe..
Menu for today : Rojak Mamak (SIL's own recipe..power!!!), my samosas, roti sardin goreng, Onan Rd karipap, MIL's doughnut, kuih dadar, ondeh2 rebus, koleh-koleh, pau kacang & pau sambal...A lot of food rite??? hehe..But I didn't eat much tho'.. Seeing the food oredy make me full.. ;)

After the breaking of fast, sat down and chit chat.. While hubbie, his nephew & FIL went for their terawih @ Masjid Kassim while the rest of us did it at home...

Reached home at 10.30pm... I was soo tired & sleepy... Luckily I tapau back Rendang Paru & Sup ikan merah back home.. So tat will be my sahur menu while hubbie wanted to eat his Banana Nut Crunch cornflakes...

Guess what! I'm already in my 19th weeks of pregnancy! Gonna be 5 months soon!! Can't really wait for my check up tis coming Saturday.... Will get to know my baby gender!! Yippie!!

Okaylah let's not get too excited yet! I wanna sleep liao!! Have a great week ahead! Tata!!

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