Thursday, October 21, 2004

Lodeh Mak Lodeh!

Fuh!! Today I woke up super late ah!! 12.15pm.. BUTTT!!!! I slept at 8 plus am u know.. After sahur & subuh prayer, I just cudn't get to sleep... Terkebil-kebil mata gue dibuatnya!! hehe.. So at around 6 plus in the morning, I had started by chores... Washed clothes & fold 2 trips of dried clothes.. Phew!! Was so energetic early in the morning... Felt tired and sleepy but iskk...just cudn't sleep...

Anyway after waking up, I washed myself and get to "work" as usual... Lotsa emails to clear as usual..hehe..Den chat for awhile w/o realising tat it's already 2pm... Today I dilly dally myself to go Bedok... Since my dad & bro are @ Mustafa Ctr and sis had started her first day of work today (she just finished her N Level) so I tot of going Bedok later... After I get myself ready, I still logged in to chat with them for awhile before I went out.. Tot of going to Bedok NTUC but seems so lazy the moment I alighted from the bus... So I went straight to my 2nd home...

Reached there about 3.50pm... Switched on the PC and again continued chatting.. :) Then my sis came back...followed by dad & bro..So I spent time in the living room talking with them... Actually tot of taking a nap but nahh!! better not! So around 6 plus, helped mum to get ready the food for break-fast... Today's menu:- Lontong!! Sambal tumis udang plus sotong plus fishcake, ayam goreng, paru goreng, tempeh goreng & bagedil..

Hubbie reached around 6.30pm.. Today he has to go terawih from Bedok..So I brought all his stuff with me.. It's so great to break-fast with family.. Actually I really miss breaking fast with my family.. Will always miss those single days with my family... :)

Dad & mum went terawih with my uncle at Masjid Kampung Pasiran while hubbie went to Masjid Kassim.. While me, my sis & bro stayed at home... Watched S'pore Idol... Olinda is superb ah! With her black sexy dress.. Fuiyoo!! hehe..I just hope Taufiq will continue be in the Idol...

Hubbie picked me up at 9.40pm...Zoomed back to our home sweet home with lontong as tapau!! heheeh...Senang sket sahur!! ;)

Okay lah gotta end here... As usual, here are the pics of the yummie lontong I had for the break fast!! Enjoying slurping!! khekhekhe..

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