Friday, October 15, 2004

First Day of Fasting..

Syukur Alhamdulillah! I managed to complete a day of fasting w/o any complication or problem being pregnant for the first timer...I hope I can continue fasting for the rest of the 29 days.. Insya Allah...

Today's menu for break-fast - Beefsteak with Delifrance baguette.. Started cooking at 3.30pm... Around 4.50pm, went out to send the beefsteak to MIL's place before going over hubbie's werk place. We gonna go to NTUC SPC to do our groceries shopping... Bought quite a lot of things.. Reached home at 6.15pm.. Started prepare for the breaking fast....MIL gave koleh-koleh & badak berendam.. *slurp*

Alamak! Now i'm feeling sleepy..iskk... Hubbie went to Masjid Kassim for his terawih & I'm alone at home now... Gotta do my terawih den off to see the Singapore Idol result.. Hopefully the result will be fair tis time....

Have an enjoyable weekend guys!

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