Friday, October 22, 2004

Iftar Part 1

Today hubbie's werk prens break-fast over at our place... So it will be a potluck break-fasting.. 6 of them turned up... Menu for today: Murtabak Maggi (cooked by me), Bee Hoon Goreng, epok2 sardin, ayam panggang, samosa kentang, roti hotdog, mee bakso, japanese ball, buns from Roti Boy (power!!) & fruits... Lotsa food aite??? But too bad forgot to take the pictures as we were busy talking while eating... Anyway really had fun tonite.. hehe..

They just went back as it was raining heavily.... Hubbie took over the house chores as I was too tired to do it.. He vaccumed & mop the house & kitchen.. Thanks dear!!

Tomoro will be another Iftar with ewah2 gang over here!! Really looking forward to it!! yay! And tomoro is the DAY tat both me & hubbie will know our baby gender... *grinning* I simply can't wait for it...Hopefully my lil' one will coorperate with my gynae ah! ;)

Kay need to take my rest now... Will update more juicy entry tomoro.. Till then, have a great weekend guys!

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