Friday, July 09, 2004

What a Celebration!!!!!

Well, I have to back date tis entry cos I was back late! hehe

Today we made arrangement to have kissy's besday celebration over @ Esplanade... Before tat we gather @ Marina Square Cavana to have our dinner... Me & Bunnyz had made plan to keep away all evidence out from kissy's view... So we decided to put the besday kek over at Delifrance where LeNNy's cuzzin werk & all presen we kept it in my hubbie's bike box... Those who were present : nymph, Bunnyz & hubbie, Klopez & her Bamby, LeNNy & fiance, Mal, sham07, arone & soon-to be gf, hubbie, myself & of cos the besday girl.. :D

Me, kissy & Klopez managed to grab the bag we like so much @ Bata before going over to Esplanade...Sadly, Mal & nymph cudn't joined us to Esplanade as they had to be back home early..It's okie, u still can view the pics to join in the fun!! ehehehe

Upon reaching Esplanade, me & Klopez asked kissy to tag us to the toilet for awhile as ou know lah, they gonna set up the sabo-ing cake.. (oh we actually have 2 besday kek for for sabo, one for our mouth) hehe..

Once they had finished setting up, we brought kissy to the scene..She was like "Ohh NOO!!!"

We forced her blow the candle on the SABO CAKE & picked the candle tat was bordered with full of whip cream using her mouth.. Evil aren't we?? hahaha.. But once a year what we got to sabo her like tis!!! Sinister .. Right after tat the sabo-ing started when arone made the first move towards kissy & the rest followed..We were running like small kids cos kissy took her chance to sabo us back.. And guess what, LeNNy who was not the besday girl, kena sabo by Hirman, Bunnyz's hubbie, right at her face..Kecepek kek tuh kene kat muka dia..... Nahar took his chance to whip the cream @ Lenny's hair...Dah macam SANTA CLAUS sesat kat Esplanade seh..hahaha

Me & Klopez did kena a small portion of the cream by the besday girl..hehe.. Anyway after we settled all the sabo stuff, we let kissy cut the actual Chocoltae Truffle Cake.. All of us were waiting for the cake actually..hehehe.. Tis time no blowings of candle..Just cutting it..hehe..I guess kissy had enuff of it..hehe.. After the cutting cake ceromony, we presented her besday gifts..She was delighted with the gifts tat we had gotten for her (1 pinkie diamond watch & 1 Elle bag).. Hope you like it ya!!!

Nezam came after his werk..Then the guys sat one side for their pakcik2 stories & us, the gurlz one side chatting from one to to another.. We made a move around 11 plus..

Klopez, Nahar, Nezam, hubbie & I went straight to Al Ameen Tampines for our supper cos we were feeling hungry by then.. Ordered our foods & drinks and chatted till 3.45am.. Tat late!!! As usual, Nezam was our victim of the day!! We "bombarded" him with questions & advices... *wink @ Klopez*

Reached home, took our shower & went to bed... What a tiring day but overall it was a fun event to be remembered!! The best ever celebration tat we had..right gurlz?! hehehe

Celebration peektures here!

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