Thursday, July 22, 2004

Ngidam Mee Soto?

Went over to Bedok Library to borrow some books den off I went to my parent's place.. Mum cooked Mee Soto plus Soto Ayam... Sound delicious rite?? Indeed it is..Longed to eat my mum's soto...Actually hubbie was just telling me tat he wanted to have bfast tis Sat at Bedok Food Centre to have the Inspirasi Mee Soto..tup tup, my mum called me tis morning and told me tat she's cooking mee soto today..haha...Mcm tahu jer mak gue yg laki gue ngidam mee soto.. hiak hiak hiak..

My bro was in morning shift today & sis just came back from skool... I laze around on the bed before watching VCD Gila-Gila Pengantin Remaja tat my sis switched on...

We continued watching Chinese Drama @ Ch 8 after the VCD movie ended... Hubbie reached around 6.35pm...Served dinner while watching Double Happiness... Dad came home soon after tat.. After having a short chit chat session with dad, we headed home...

Now I'm going to have my nite bath & will continue to read my book... Yesh!! tomoro is T.G.I.F!! So guys, enjoy yur day tomoro!! Papai!!

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