Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Morning sickness?

I'm not too sure whether hubbie has taken over my morning sickness...ermmm.. He did complain to me tat he was feeling loya-loya, pening-pening & tak lalu makan... Tat bad ahh?? As for me, I didn't have tat kind of feeling tho'...Pity hubbie, I'm the one who is preggy yet he has to take tat preggy sickness burden...aiseyman... Sorry dear!!
Yesterday hubbie was running a fever so he has to stay away from me the whole nite.. Hopefully tis sickness will be off from him soon....He has to werk & I dunt mind to have tat sickness cos I'm at home....
Today I'm lazy to cook so hubbie told me tat he will tapau food back...I promise tat I will cook tomoro...
Kay now I feel sleepy...Gonna take a nap for awhile.... Till then..See ya guys!! Tata!!

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