Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ol' Memoirs..

I went over to Bedok NTUC for some shopping on the Jellies tat I'm gonna make tis Saturday for my aunty's kenduri.. She had asked me to make those konnayaku jellies so there I went to buy the longans & the jelly powder..Gosh! It was raining the whole day...I was quite wet altho' I had my brolly wif me.. Met my sis @ Bedok Central.. After tat, we went straight back to my parent's place..

I took my lunch as soon as I reached Bedok home..Mum cooked Lemak Ketam, kerang rebus, kobis & bende rebus dip with sambal air asam..It's been ages since I ate tat dishes.. Went on surfing the net for awhile before me & my sis watched Police Academy Part 5 DVD...We laff our hearts out..Just lurve Police Academy movies...

Hubbie reached Bedok around 8 plus as he went to MotoWorld with Nahar to change his bike seat...Ate our dinner den sat around for awhile before we headed home...

Now I'm scanning my old photos tat I stumbled upon when opening a drawer full of photo albums...Wat a past!! hehe..I look so innersen nonsence back then..hahaha...

Here are some pics of my family & siblings... :) It was taken during 1998 & 2000 Hari Raya Puasa...How time flies!!!

Left: 1998 Hari Raya Right: 2000 Hari Raya

Left: Me & sis (1998 Hari Raya) Right: The 3 Siblings (1998 Hari Raya)

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