Friday, July 16, 2004

Coff! Coff! Go away!!

Wow..Blogger has new features under the Create post...It's sooo user friendly... I loiike!!
Anyway today I decided to no continue werking as I tink my body need plenty of rest.. Furthermore when I woke up today, my body was so lemau & I keep coffing till I myself cudn't hear my own voice..SIL called tis morning & was shocked to hear my voice.. kissy too was shocked..hehe..Now suara gue dah cam bapok dahhh...hehe
Tot of taking the coff medicine tat is in the fridge but I was afraid tat it's not suitable for me.. So I dropped the idea.. I took warm plain water to ease the coff....
Today MIL cooked Asam Rebus & Ikan Masak Kicap for me.. Took my lunch after MIL went back...Den around 3 plus, I was so sleepy and I dozzed off till 4.30pm.. Login to ewah2 for awhile before I went down to meet hubbie to go to the doctor... Hubbie came & told me tat the clinic is closed at the moment & will only be opened later.. So we went up..Layout the dishes for dinner.. My stomach was growling at tat time...I ate alot ah today...Nak membersarlah katakan..hehe
Today hubbie decided to stay in house as I'm no Friday outing..Tomoro then we can go out with the rest...yay!!! So now I shall wait for Double Happiness at 7pm...Then I will have my bath & take my medicine..
Tomoro starts the weekend...So have a great weekend my frens....Enjoy yurselves!!

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